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Suggestions work on all web-based tools and help you share your content to onboard and train your team, no matter where they work from. It allows you to support your team on a daily basis, and together you are building on the consistency of the company.



The web extension bases its suggestions on three variables:

  1. Who are you, and what is your role within the company?
  2. In what tool are you working?
  3. What are you doing specifically, the context?

Create a suggestion:

  1. Open a card and click on the share button to see the the suggestion icon appear. (The light bulb)

  2. Suggest a card:
    Add a Suggestion
    This automation allows you to attach Cards to a desired website or app, so your team sees important information when they navigate to it.

    Exact url vs Page contains words or phrase
    Exact URL: Target a URL precisely as specified.
    Linke page URL with page words: Target a url that is generic and add specific words to trigger the card. (i.e.: - containing the words "Kick-Off" to trigger the Kick Off template email)

  3. Fill in the URL and click save.

To edit or delete: in the suggestions pop-up, click on the three-dotted menu in the bottom right corner of the Suggestion and choose edit or delete:

You can find one simple overview and manage all your auto-suggestions in one single dashboard by going to Automations and clicking Suggestions.


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