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When content is created you want to shout it from the roofs. Or you can also assign cards and playbooks to your colleagues so they can run through that content. You can set a due date or leave this open and let users consume the content on their own pace. 

It's these assignments that push content to your colleagues and writers and admins can then follow up on the progress in the Whale analytics tab.



When you have created content in Whale that needs to be read and/or checked by a specific team or individual, use "Assign" Playbook or Card.

Assign Playbook

Click the three-dotted menu on the righthand side of the Playbook title to Assign.

Select the individual or group you want the playbook to be assigned to and write a note. You can even add and set a due date:

By pressing 'send,' the user(s) will be notified of the assignment through email and in their personal dashboard.

Assign a Card

On Card level, you can find 'Assign' on the right side of the screen.

In the pop-up, which is the same as assigning a Playbook, select the individual or group you want the card to be assigned to and write a note. You can also set a due date. Press send, and an email notification will be sent, and the users will see the assignment in their personal dashboard.


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