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A card in Whale contains content to onboard, train and inform your colleagues about.


You can create a card in playbook. 

To do so, you navigate to the playbook you want to add the card in.

  1. Click on "Create card" in the playbook
  2. The new card is opened and you can start from a predefined template or from scratch.
  3. Content can be formatted through the build-in editor in each card.
    1. Set the font, size, bold, italic, underline, colour,... for the text - Under paragraph you also have the opportunity to add code blocks.
    2. Add a full line underneath text
    3. Record a video (with or without audio) and it is loaded straight in your card
    4. Add a table
    5. Add an image or a video by uploading, a URL or the embed code. PLEASE NOTE: image size limit is 100MB
    6. Link files from Google Drive or One Drive or just upload a file from your hard drive
    7. Add iFrame content (like a map from Google Maps), emojis or Font Awesome icons
    8. Create content with our AI Assist straight into your card. More here: How to create content via the AI Card Editor
  4. Save the card

Alternatively, you can create a card from anywhere in your workspace with the Create Anywhere option!

Create a card with AI Assist

To do so, you navigate to the playbook you want to add the card in.

  1. Click on "AI Assist" in the playbook
  2. A pop-up is opened where you can add the "Card title", if it's a procedure or policy, the industry and the level of details.
  3. Based on these parameters a card will be created with AI populated content. You can edit this however you like.

Edit content in an existing card

Navigate to the card you want to edit content in and click on the blue icon in the top right corner to open de editor for the card.


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