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Within Whale you want your cards to look consistent throughout all your playbooks! That makes perfect sense and that's why we have created a way to define preset text block styles. 

As an admin you can set those predefined styles and content creators can then use those when creating or editing a card. In that way you won't have users being able to go on and style in their own person preference! You have your company branding set and pushed everywhere.


As an admin you can navigate to your workspace settings and dive deeper in your branding tab. There you have the option to set your global font and then also style each predefined text block. 

Once they are defined all admins and writers (where they have access) can start using them in the editor when creating or editing a card. 

You will find a dropdown list in the very beginning of the editor. If you then want to change certain things you still can. Like the size of the font, making it bold/italic/underline, change text colour or highlight it. You can't change the actual font though.

Do you want all text to be exactly the same? Just select all and then set 1 single predefined text block style for it and you're set! 


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