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Within Whale you can tag your playbooks and cards. You want to use tagging when you can't see the forest for the trees. 

Tags will give a clear and direct overview of what the content is of cards and playbooks. 

They can be created by admins in the workspace settings or by admins and writers when creating a playbook or card.


Tags on admin level

  1. Go to your workspace settings > tags
  2. Here you have an overview (color, used #times, created by who and when) of your existing tags and can add new ones
  3. Click on Add tag
  4. A popup will show where you can name the tag and give it a color
  5. Create the tag and it will be added to your list

Adding tags in a playbook or card

  1. Navigate to the settings or the card or playbook
  2. Start typing the non-existing tag
  3. Add the tag when prompted
  4. The new tag is added and can be edited in the workspace settings

Searching on tags

  1. Navigate to the search functionality in Whale by clicking on the magnifier glass in the top right corner of your home screen.
  2. On the bottom left pannel you will be able to add the tags you want your search to filter on.
  3. This will limit your search to for example only the SOP's or LinkedIn related cards and playbooks. 



Whale Product Video Creating Tags - Watch Video

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