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Within the Whale card editor you can find our native screen recorder. 

The big advantages here are that it's possible to record your screen by starting and finishing in your Whale card. Your 

recorded video will automatically and immediately end up in your card. Perfect for short processes!

At the bottom of the article we're sharing some tips and tricks on why this might be helpful.



Follow our step-by-step guide to start recording:

  1. To start this process you have to be in the editor mode in your card.
  2. You will find two options
    1. Screen recording
    2. Screen recording with audio
  3. The moment you click on either or, your browser might ask you to allow the screen recorder and microphone to be used. Just make sure, you click on allow.
  4. You can choose to either record a tab, window or your entire screen.
  5. Start running through your process.
    **A video can be a maximum of 5 minutes! This way we keep our processes short and clear for user to go through. Longer videos are best broken up in multiple shorter ones.
  6. Finish your recording by click "Stop Sharing".
  7. Your video will start loading and be posted in your card.
  8. Click save and you can start watching!

Tips and tricks

  • Keep your videos short (under 5') as you want them to be easily consumable and clear for users
  • Do you have a process that requires many screenshots? Why not record a guiding video!
  • If you're thinking of breaking up a longer video into shorter screen recordings, don't forget to also think of splitting it up in different cards!


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