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Our analytics page gives you insights on the numbers and data in Whale. It lets you deep dive in what is happening on the front end of things and how your colleagues are consuming the SOP's, policies, quizzes,...



Here we'll give you an overview of all the different tabs within the Analytics panel.


This section will tell you everything about the card and playbook assignments and insights on the progress and the completed assignments per user.

Under the assignees tab you'll find this information per user and under assignments per card or playbook.


The Experts tab gives you an overview of the review cycles that are set to different experts. You can find the amount of playbooks assigned as well as the progress of the reviewed ones.

Under the playbooks tab you can find additional details for each playbook.


Knowing what your colleagues are searching for within Whale is very powerful. Especially because here you can find a distinction between "Most popular searches", "Searches with no results" and "Searches with no clicks". 

You can also ask questions directly to an expert if a search resulted in 0 suggestions to then document about this. 


Here you find an overview of the "Most popular playbooks" and the "Most popular cards"


Quizzing your colleagues is a great way to find out if they understood the documented data you assign to them. The quizzes section of the analytics gives you insights and which quizzes have been completed, the overall scores, the scores on individual questions,...

You can check the insights per quiz or per assignee.


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